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Moldman was prompt, thorough, and worked with us with our Insurance Agency. I would use them again, but hopefully a water loss won't happen again!


So why should you choose Moldman? What separates us from our competition? It’s our simple, no-nonsense approach to fixing mold problems that we like to call “The Moldman Difference.”

The Moldman Difference:

  • No Overstating Mold Problems
  • No Scare Tactics
  • No Pressure
  • No Hassles
  • 100% Focus on Mold and Water Damage
  • Free Estimates
  • On Time, On Budget
  • Licensed, Insured, Certified and Member of the BBB
  • Thousands of Jobs Worth of Experience
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Archive | Mold in House

Bathroom Mold and Kitchen Mold

Bathroom and kitchen mold can often be very frustrating. But hopefully with these quick tips you can learn the causes of bathroom and kitchen mold and how you can prevent it and/or treat it.

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What Causes Attic Mold?

Before we remove mold, it’s vital that you understand its cause. That way, you can make sure the mold problem doesn’t return. In many instances, mold is caused by a prior roof problem. One of our customers had only one half of their roof replaced. Not coincidentally, the other half of the roof that had not[…]

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How to Prevent and Eliminate Basement Mold

We see more extensive problems with basement mold than in any other part of the house. (Attic mold and crawlspace mold are next in line.). There are three primary reasons for the prevalence of basement mold: After about 20-30 years of age, many building foundations made from concrete begin to see some cracking, which leads[…]

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Kind Words From Our Customers

  • Mike was really responsive. He came out right away, gave me an estimate soon after, then came out and did the job the next day once I gave him approval. He did a great job too. I’ve already recommended him to other real estate agents that I work with and passed out his business cards to many people.


  • Mike came out and inspected my place before I purchased it. He did a great job in explaining to me what he found. He also did a great job of getting the results back in time for me to close on my house.


  • Moldman was prompt, thorough, and worked with us with our Insurance Agency. I would use them again, but hopefully a water loss won't happen again!


  • My wife and I are extremely pleased with services provided by Moldman. We had a few small spots of mold growing in our baby’s room ... We contacted Moldman for an inspection … And they were able to recommend us a remedy that we could do by ourselves … without charging a dime! Other companies we contacted wanted to charge hundreds of dollars just to come out and check if it was indeed mold: of course it is mold! It’s nice to see there are still honest people out there and Moldman is one of them.


  • Moldman was the best mold company I talked to. They explained everything, and were very honest and informative. I would use them again if I ever had another mold issue. I have also already recommended this company to friends. Everyone I spoke to was very nice.


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