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Do you have a mold problem or suspect you have a mold problem but are not sure? Are you confused about you should do? Are you wondering what are the steps to remove mold safely? Are you asking yourself should you remove it on your own? Or maybe you are wondering, should you hire someone else to do it? Perhaps, you are thinking, what are the potential health effects of mold? Have you heard or come across totally conflicting and opposing answers to these and similar questions? Do you want straight, honest answers to your mold questions without all the hype, scare tactics and misinformation that is sadly widespread on this topic?

Believe me, I can relate. I know what it's like to face a problem you have never encountered before or know very little about. Where do you turn? What do you do? Of what you have heard, what is true and what is false? It's frustrating.

And in these times, I usually think to myself: All I want is some questions answered in truthful way. I do not want to be sold on anything right now. I just want to find a resource or a ideally a real person who is trustworthy and understands my problem and what I am going through and is not looking to take advantage of me.

For this reason, That's why today, we're going to answer to any mold questions you might have—for FREE.

When faced with a mold problem at home, many people jump online and spend hours hunting around the internet to try and find a solution. But with so much information online, how do you know what is true and what is false?

Further, every house and mold problem is different and if you can't find a solution online that relates to your exact situation, any advice you do find online might not be relevant to your specific needs.

That is why we want to give you advice for your specific mold problem.

Here at Moldman we've been helped hundreds of Midwestern families like yours with their mold problems. You can also check us out on review sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Google, and Angie's List for peace of mind. We have nothing to hide.

When you call or email Moldman, we'll carefully listen to you describe your mold problem.

You do not have to hire us or pay for us to answer your questions. Even if you're not near one of our offices, we'll still provide you with the best information we can to answer your questions or concerns.


Unlike every other mold removal companies, Moldman will never:

a) Overstate your problems
b) Use scare tactics
c) Pressure you
d) Hassle you

We also offer free estimates and guarantee low prices and 100% satisfaction with your mold removal service.

When Moldman cleans your house, you can expect:

  • Honesty
  • On-time service
  • On-budget service
  • The root of the mold problem to be found and fixed
  • Improved home value
  • Safety, since you won't have to remove the mold yourself
  • Improved air quality
  • Peace of mind

Here's what people are saying about Moldman:

Shannon said, "Mike was really responsive. He came out right away, gave me an estimate soon after, then came out and did the job the next day once I gave him approval. He did a great job too. I’ve already recommended him to other real estate agents that I work with and passed out his business cards to many people."


Lori said, "Moldman was prompt, thorough, and worked with us with our Insurance Agency. I would use them again, but hopefully a water loss won't happen again!"


From Eric: "Mike came out and inspected my place before I purchased it. He did a great job in explaining to me what he found. He also did a great job of getting the results back in time for me to close on my house."


Beth said, "Mitch and his team managed remediation of mold in my basement efficiently and professionally. I had already noticed physical and cognitive effects from mold/fungus, and had asked a friend who is a civil engineer to assist me. When we inspected the total removal of everything in my basement and the abatement that had been done, that professional asked all the questions and requested some additional work. Mitch quickly complied. He was invaluable far beyond Moldman's competitive price."


Gabriel said, "My wife and I are extremely pleased with services provided by Moldman. We had a few small spots of mold growing in our baby’s room ... We contacted Moldman for an inspection … And they were able to recommend us a remedy that we could do by ourselves … without charging a dime! Other companies we contacted wanted to charge hundreds of dollars just to come out and check if it was indeed mold: of course it is mold! It’s nice to see there are still honest people out there and Moldman is one of them."


Finally, from Kristin: "Moldman was the best mold company I talked to. They explained everything, and were very honest and informative. I would use them again if I ever had another mold issue.  I have also already recommended this company to friends. Everyone I spoke to was very nice."


By now you're probably wondering how much Moldman actually costs.

And that's a fair question, though of course every situation is different. A little bit of kitchen mold will obviously cost far less than a flooded basement. But to give you a basic idea, OTHER mold removal companies can charge up to $6,000 just for attic mold removal and up to $10,000 or more for basement mold removal after a flood.  

Our prices usually are more than 50% less, i.e. on average about $1500-$3000 for attic mold removal and $2,000-$6,000 for basement mold removal. Again, these are averages and not set prices, as every situation is different and requires a thorough examination before a proper quote and price can be determined. 

You might be wondering why our prices are usually so much less than our competitors. There are a lot of reasons but many of our competitors do other type of related work, like fire damage and work almost primarily with insurance companies and are used to getting insurance pricing. We usually do not work with insurance (most policies do not cover mold) and focus exclusively on mold. 

Anyway, we understand that even with our usually lower prices, not everyone can afford to hire a mold removal professional. We are still happy to answer your questions, whether you can or cannot afford to hire us or anyone else. 

If you do decide to hire Moldman for professional mold, we won't hem & haw over price. We'll provide simple, easy-to-understand estimates that truly reflect what is needed to fix your problem.  Please feel free to compare us to others and get lots of quotes so you can make the best decision for you and your family. 

So if you're looking for peace of mind for your home and family, just give us a call today.

And if you're still sitting on the fence, you should also know that any service you purchase from us comes with our exclusive "Low Price Guarantee and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee".

You've wasted enough of your time, energy, and sanity trying to fix the problem on your own.

The good news is that you can trust Moldman to answer your questions for free if you are just looking for advice or help you remove the mold if you are looking for a professional.

Picture your home without a mold problem anymore and imagine how much relief and peace of mind this will bring you. If you are just looking for sound advice and expertise to answer your questions and remove it yourself, we will be be glad to so. If you are looking for a professional to do it, with thousands of jobs completed and satisfied customers, you've come to the right place too.

So instead of spending months avoiding your mold problem (or letting other companies talk you into unnecessary expensive steps), you make one simple call and Moldman will listen to you and offer you the best advice with YOUR interests (not ours!) exclusively in mind. Sometimes this means just answering your questions if that is all you want or recommending a quick solution that you can do on your own. Other times, we may recommend an inspection or a free estimate. But there is no pressure for you to do anything. We pledge to you: No B.S., no-hassles.

So call Moldman now and get your questions answered for free.

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